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Children of Ssuubi is a registered foreign Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Uganda. The organization was founded 2015 by Shadi Shafiee, a social worker from Sweden who runs the organization together with a team in Uganda and in Sweden.  While our team in Sweden are responsible for raising funds and create partnerships, our team in Uganda are responsible for running the work on the ground.
A safe childhood for every child

To advocate for the rights of children living on the streets

To improve the living conditions for children living on the streets
To sponsor education for children living on the streets
To reintegrate children living on the streets to their families

Street reach

Two times per week, we walk down to the slums of Kisenyi to reach out to known and unknown street children. Then we transport around 40 children to our center for programs. Our programs include:

To support our children with their poor hygiene our programs start with an opportunity to take a shower, brush teeth and wash and change clothes. Each child has their own kit of clothes, soap, and toothbrush.

One dream most of our children have in common is the dream of going back to school. During our programs we focus on basic education that will help our children to stay active, learn useful knowledge, and to get used to the school environment. We have life skill lessons with all kind of important topics from  critical thinking to drug abuse. We also teach basics in english and bible studies.

Our children have experienced things children should never go through. Rejection by family, social exclusion by the society, trauma, violence and abuse are their reality and our work is to give these children the support they need to cope and get trough their experiences. We do this through group sessions as well as on on one sessions.

Children are full of talent and energy. Our goal is to encourage their interests through different activities such as dancing, singing, sports and art&craft. For once, they get to be children and just have fun.

Due to incredibly unsanitary living conditions our children face various illnesses on a daily basis. The smallest wound can turn in to a big infection due to the living circumstances these children are forced to live under. Therefore, our most important work concerns health care where all our staff members are trained in first aid. When our children are ill we provide proper care through a nearby clinic.

The poor living conditions our children live under force them to eat leftovers, dirty food or even no food at all at times. The food we give them during our programs might be the only proper meal they get through the week.  Therefore, we give them two meals per program and make sure to give a nutritious meal of rice, meat, cabbage, fruit and plenty of water.

Transit home 
The second step is a placement at our home where children stay for a maximum of 6-12 months. During this time, we look into the circumstances of the child to find out how to help them further in our process.
We believe that every child has the right to a family. Therefore a big part of our work is to get to know the child’s story and work towards resettlement back to the family. Many children leave home due to harsh cirumstances at home such as abuse or rejection or because of poverty and the vision of Kampala being the city of opportunities. When they finally get there, they realize street life isn’t as easy as they though and they have no money to return.
No matter the reason of coming to the streets, our goal is to help our children and their families to establish a relationship again and in the best cases, be resettled back home. Each child has a contact person who is responsible for the resettlement. During the first year after a resettlement, we follow up through monthly home visits. During the second year, every three months until the resettlement is complete.
Education program
Our children dream of becoming pilots, mechanics, teachers and presidents. They dream high and aim for the stars. We believe that every child has the right to education and development. One of our goals is therefore to get as many children off the street as we can, and find them sponsors for school.
Most of our sponsored children go to boarding school while a few go to day school and live with their families. Our school sponsorship manager takes care of all our children in school and works with their families and schools.
Children of Ssuubi

Swedish donation:

Swish number - 1234 417 234

  • Swish number – 1234 417 234
  • Bankgiro 5041-2881


Address: C/O Shadi Shafiee, Ordonnansgatan 1, 41528 Göteborg, Sweden
Number: +46 738100797

Address: P.O BOX 9858, Kampala Uganda
Physical Address: Wakaliga Road, Kampala
Office number: 0789144812

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