Children of Ssuubi
Children of Ssuubi

Ssuubi means ‘hope’ in Luganda, the main language spoken in Kampala, Uganda.

Thousands of children are living on the streets of Kampala and the number increases every day. These children are abandoned, rejected, segregated and socially excluded by the society. Still, they have goals, ambitions and dreams in life. They aim for the stars and the sky is their limit.

When no one else believes in them, our ambition is to empower them, encourage them, support them and most important of all, show them that We believe in them.

These children are our next generation of superheroes, pilots, teachers, mechanics and presidents.

They are a generation of Hope

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What we do in 4 steps

1. Street reach

Kampala, Uganda, is home to hundreds of children living on the streets who have been rejected and abandoned. We give these children love and empower them by giving them food, medical care, and life skill lessons and counseling through the Street Reach Programs.

2. Transit home

The second step is a placement at our home where children stay for a maximum of 6-12 months. During this time, we look into the circumstances of the child to find out how to help them further in our process.

3. Reintegration

Though many of our children are on the streets because they have been orphaned or abandoned, there are also many who have come to the streets in Uganda’s capital city looking for work. We help bringing these young children back to there families, and empowers the family to provide for themselves.

4. Education program

With the help of sponsors, our children get a chance in life. We place the children in boarding schools around Kampala. Whether a child chooses traditional schooling or vocational school, each child is sponsored and under the care of us until they are fully equipped to provide for themselves.

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Swish number – 1234 417 234

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