Meet Shadi Shafiee

Since childhood, I knew I was meant to work with children and youth. Life had challenged me in ways no child should be challenged, but I grew to understand my experiences were there for a reason.

I started working with children and youth in Sweden in 2011. My experience includes work in several treatment homes, outreach work, volunteer work with Save the Children Sweden and as a mentor. I have psychology studies in my background and will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in social science in 2016.

Working in Africa had always been a dream for me. In 2015 I did my internship in Uganda at a safe home for pregnant teenagers. In the beginning of my stay, I visited programs for children living on the streets and fell in love. These vulnerable children made such an impact on my heart and I knew right away that life had taken me there for a reason. One thing led to another and before I knew it I had started up an organization for these children together with amazing and inspiring people by my side.

Working with children living on the streets is an extremely important and challenging work and at the same time highly rewarding. The joy these kids give me is priceless. I have promised my self to work hard, with all of my heart, to give these children a chance in life and fill their lives with as much joy and hope as they have given me.

Join us in this fight and help us to change lives!

Shadi Shafiee, Founder/Director