Meet Katarina Lundevall

Graphic designer & photographer. Gothenburg, Sweden

During the spring of 2016 I got the opportunity to take over the role as the web designer / web master for I`m pleased to be able to make a difference using my skills in this fantastic charity organization. ’Children of Ssuubi’ really do manage to help children in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. With this site everyone can take a part of the important work we do and also make a difference with a donation.

’Children of Ssuubi’ had only been around for half a year when I and Emmelie Pettersson took over the baton as the web designer respective graphic designer for the organization. At the time the CoS didn´t have any strong graphical profile. Together with the founder/director Shadi Shafiee we sat down to discuss a makeover. Emmelie created the beautiful new logo and set the colors and patterns for CoS. With this new graphical profile I have been able to remake the website and set the new design.

With a donation you make a difference! Thank you for your help!

Katarina Lundevall